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We have some exciting news to share about the future of Shine Learning Center!

We want to start by sharing how much fun we’re having with the learners in our first year of this new program. They spend much of their time making friends, playing, and working out conflicts. It feels really good to see such a diverse group of personalities play in small groups each day. It’s also rather enlightening to watch how much play 6-13 year olds really need when left to their own devices. We’re really happy with how this new program is shaping and look forward to many more years of Shine.

The program is going to be going through a couple changes that we are excited to share with you. First, Shine will be shifting leadership! We are thrilled to announce that Jessica will be taking over the program for the 2023-2024 school year. Her lifelong experience with children and community building has proven to be the right fit for a mixed age unschooling program. Her passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the program has shown Susan that she is the right fit for taking over this program. Jessica is really excited and has lots of ideas on how to shape the program. She feels honored to be asked to take this new leadership role.

Next, we are outgrowing our current location and wish to expand for the upcoming school year. In the next iteration of this program, we’d love a more open and expansive space for us to grow. We have ideas for offerings and larger scope projects for our community to work on. We’d like a space that can facilitate gardening/agriculture, perhaps even participating in a farmers market or farm stand. We dream of building an outdoor kitchen, composting toilet and work space for woodworking and building. Jessica has a lifelong dream of an open air art studio. Wherever this takes us, we know we want to stay in Sebastopol, on an acre or more, on a property with indoor space (yurt, barn, etc) and space to build.

We are hopeful that a new location may inspire new creative energy and we need your help! Please reach out to your networks to see what possibilities lay ahead for a new space.

Must Haves:

  • Indoor space

  • An acre or more of outdoor space with adequate shade

  • Nice neighbors who support the vision and the potential noise that may create

We’re manifesting a new location where we can build and grow. Ideally we would offer a work trade in exchange for use of the property but we are open to renting for a small fee (~$1000). We seek to enhance the property by gardening, building structures, creating an outdoor kitchen, and more. We are open to a variety of work exchange opportunities. We would be eager and capable to participate in general support and the chores inherent in maintaining a homestead.

We appreciate any and all help to secure our new location. Send any leads, ideas and support to Jessica at

Thank you all so much!

Shine Learning Center


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