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What We Do

The Vision

Our vision is to provide a space in which children are free and trusted to learn and thrive, self-directed, at their own pace, with the support of a loving community.

The Mission

KindKin is an environment for self-directed education, encouraging children to pursue activities and experiences based on their curiosities. We are a community dedicated to cultivating knowledge, fostering skill acquisition, and facilitating personal development. Our offerings are designed to support a cycle of intention setting, creation, reflection, and sharing. KindKin Collective thrives with active engagement of all its members.


Our daily rhythm

We start each day with a check in, game, intention setting and Set The Day where each member of our community has an opportunity to voice what they want to do each day. The day often includes an outings to local parks, the library, trails, and more. Our days unfold together naturally; sometimes we follow the day we set together and other days we flow. We close each day with group cleanup then a check in we call Rose, Bud, Thorn plus reflection.  We consciously create and adjust our culture using Connect-Up at least once a week.

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