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We're Moving!

We are so excited to share with you the first images of our new, centrally located space in downtown Sebastopol!


During the process of looking for a new location for Shine, we came to realize that the large outdoor space we were blessed with for our first year was too broad of a container to create the culture and foundation an emerging community needs. We've struggled throughout this first year to facilitate a cohesive, safe, and responsive culture which can facilitate the freedom required for self directed learning. We strongly feel that one central space for us to connect will require focus, unity and respect from learners and adults to co-create a safe space to play, learn and work. 

This new location affords us the opportunity for many off-campus offerings from visits to Ives Park, Super Park, the skate park to the library, community garden, Create It, and all that downtown Sebastopol has to offer. 

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