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Picking up the bus!! ahhhh!

Last Saturday we flew to Portland to pick up and buy a bus. Our intension for this bus is to be turned into a music space for Shine. The bus is gutted and has a fair amount of space inside and could house some instruments, a computer, and some lounge chairs and rugs. That is the vision unless someone else has some other great ideas? We are open to ideas!! Getting the bus was a family adventure/nightmare because the bus had not been driven in 10 years and needed desperately to be serviced and repaired. We flew by the seat of our pants and had to stop and get some work done along the way. Willard had to fashion a cap for the power steering fluid with the bottom of a soda can, a clamp, and some guerilla tape (thanks god for guerilla tape). The bus only went 55mph and got about 5mpg. We don't intend to drive it again. Luckily, we made it back in one piece. We are looking for someone who can paint the bus or do a mural on it if there are any painters out there!

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